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UFO was photographed and filmed with great clarity in San Diego, California

Among the supernatural phenomena, there is a branch that investigates an immensity of cases that have been related to government secrets and even visitors from other planets. Ufology collects data on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) throughout the world and history. Among the cases, sightings usually occur in the sky, others claim descents of these objects, close encounters with their crew and even abductions. These stories are repeated throughout the world, leaving as evidence, in some cases, blurred images and videos about these objects in the sky. In this case, we will see an alleged UFO in image and video with greater clarity.

The case of the San Diego Orb, California (2014)

In 2014, on the MUFON page, was allegedly published the sighting of an orb. According to the narrator who recounted the sighting, he was in front of his house when he observed the static object on the house of a neighbor. He noticed the object because the sun reflected in it. When he saw it, he decided to take pictures and film it from the patio of his house. It also tells that the orb sometimes moved towards a tree and then returned to its initial position. The sighting lasted about 45 minutes and reported that he was filming for about 20 minutes. I must mention that smaller UFOs with a spherical shape are classified as orbs.

Investigation of the case

As has happened in many cases, the information is lost in the vastness of the network. The search for the original article is complicated if it really exists. However, the original video was allegedly uploaded by the user rick Ybarra on September 10, 2014, to Youtube. Among the comments are those who claim to have seen the same object in other parts of the world while others question the veracity of the alleged sighting. One of the biggest criticisms is the fact that the video was uploaded to a resolution of 240 pixels, a very low definition to have been shot with a camera. Others have theories that it is possibly a fake case. The lack of information and details makes it difficult to validate these pieces of evidence.

On the other hand, since the original report of MUFON cannot be found, the image that was supposedly taken cannot really be associated with the video. It can be an image similar to the object found on the web that was used as a reference to tell the story. Again, the origin of the image is unknown.

If we observe the evidence as possibly true, the object may be a balloon or some kind of drone from which no information hasn’t been given yet. This should not rule out the possibility that it has a more alien origin.


The sightings of UFOs are so numerous that we must be careful to rule out the possibility of this phenomenon. The information acquired about this case is inconclusive (like many others) so it would not be prudent to validate or discard any theory related to it. On the other hand, I must again mention that the lack of evidence seems a factor intentionally imposed. It is not unknown to see events in which the reports disappear and the story remains in an apparent myth. It is up to each one to decide what to believe in this world that without a doubt is a mystery.


Do you think this sighting is real? What do you think the object was? Share your opinions below!

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