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Nibiru’s Prophecies

Brief description of what apocalyptic prophecy says

This prophecy stems from the apocalyptic hypothesis of Australian David Meade based on his own interpretations of the Bible. This prediction assumes that Earth will collide with an invisible planet called Nibiru. It is important to indicate that this prediction has failed for the years 2003, in 2012 and as recent as 2017.

Different theories related to the subject and the reaction of scientists and NASA

Meade is a numerologist and conspiracy theorist who is embodied in a book entitled: Planet X, The 2017 Arrival. Mead has reviewed his calculations several times and in a statement explained that he has been wrong in these, but he hopes to give a more accurate date in his next book.

NASA has intervened and issued an opinion on these apocalyptic prophecies where it states that they are false, claiming that the planet in question, Nibirus, does not exist.

The origin of Nibirus starts in 1976 from the Russian ufologist, Zecharia Sitchin, who described it as planet number 12. He claimed to have deciphered tablets from ancient Mesopotamia in which a planet called Nibiru is described. According to Sitchin, Nibiru has an elliptical orbit so long that it only visits the interior of the solar system every 3,600 years. He says that this planet is responsible for the creation of the Earth, after colliding with another planet called Tiamet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter.

Sitchin claims that Nibiru is the cradle of the human-looking alien race called Anunnaki. It is believed that humans are a species genetically created by the Anunnaki to work as slaves to extract gold since this element is supposedly necessary for their advanced technology.

A Japanese team explained that according to their calculations there should be an uncovered planet at a distance of about 100 UA (astronomical unit that is the distance between the Earth and the Sun that is 150 million kilometers) whose size is two thirds of that of the earth. This reinforces the hypothesis of the existence of Planet X.

There are those who argue that Nibiru is already visible and NASA hides such information. Others think that since the eye can only see colors that are within the visible light spectrum, that is, light emission that has a wavelength of 400-700 nm; so It could only be detected through a camera that is capable of detecting the infrared light that is presumed to be the one emitted by Nibiru.

So far Nibiru has not been seen or detected by instruments.


Until now there is no evidence of any planet at the outer limit of the Solar System despite the technological advances that would allow us to see a planet whose size is four times larger than Earth. However, theories and discoveries continue to emerge, such as that of the Japanese team that reflect on their existence. Judge yourself and reach your own conclusions.


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