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Mental Communication


Humanity has developed a number of communicative possibilities through technological advances. We are plagued by messages using electromagnetic waves that transmit rapidly. However, if we see the term communication as a process of exchange of energies, thoughts or vibrations to achieve a better human balance; then we should accept that we still lack a lot and we are only initiating this stage. There are cases where it has been possible to verify this communication through experimentation or from the paranormal point of view. But we must point out that it is not common in our daily life or at least it does not happen frequently.

Scientific and Paranormal Findings on Mental Communication

Neuroscience is studying the possibility that two individuals can communicate at a distance. Neuroscientists from the US They have successfully achieved mental interaction, that is, sending thoughts from brain to brain. This revolutionary system is called “BrainNet” where you can transmit and receive mental signals from other people live. The brain signals from the sender were measured by electroencephalograms and transmitted to the receiver through transcranial magnetic stimulation.

We must understand that the brain is like an energy generator. This electric power brings a consequence that millions of operations and functions are carried out by electro-chemical circuits through which the information is transmitted. Nowadays it has been possible to demonstrate that through an EEG it is possible to decipher simple thoughts such as, for example, knowing if the person is imagining that he is moving some part of his body.

On March 28, 2014 an experiment was conducted in which two people shared a conscious thought between brain and brain. This was done between Carles Grau, neuroscientist, and Giulio Ruffini, physicist and mathematician, who communicated at a great distance with their brains. The word transmitted was “hello” and the sender was in India and the receiver in France. The registration of the thought of the word “hello” in the EEG could be codified and transformed into binary code (formed by ones and zeros). To achieve this type of communication they had to previously perform a training and knowledge of the binary code for a few months.

There are explanations of mental communication from the psychic and paranormal point of view. At the psychic level it is understood that there is this type of communication between couples and even between a human being and his pet. That connection between couples is known as extrasensory perception or ESP.

Each person has a frequency of psychic vibration which comes from our consciousness or spirit (or soul) and makes us a unique being. Everything that surrounds us has its own frequency and is part of the universe. We have the ability to tune in with the frequency of others. We are like musical notes of a universal tune. It is what keeps us connected and this paranormal frequency is what allows us to harmonize with the frequency of another person. Some cases related to this topic prove that this connection exists.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake says he has done tests on “telepathic telepathy” and has found that in 45% of cases they have been able to correctly identify who is calling them. Regarding the mother and child connection, it has been found that mothers have experienced an intense sense of “danger and worry” when their children are experiencing some danger such as accident or illness.


From the scientific point of view and from the paranormal it has been possible to demonstrate that mental communication is possible, but not all of us are at the same level of development as to experience it. The brain’s ability to communicate is evident, but we need to grow in this aspect. Just as there is physical and intellectual development, we can develop other skills that still need help to be able to manifest and grow in this other aspect.


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