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Mandela Effect

Brief description of this phenomenon and its origin

The Mandela effect refers to those situations in which multiple people seem to remember in an identical way or at least similar to each other, phenomena that have not occurred or at least do not coincide with the real historical data. Mandela was named after Fiona Broome, a paranormal researcher, after being surprised by the news of the death of Nelson Mandela. This was surprising for her because she remembered her death and even her funeral many years before. And it turned out that it was not only she who remembered the same thing and a subsequent debate was generated on the internet. The debate generated is between the version that died in prison and the other is the news on December 5, 2013, by the media. communication, where it is announced that he died of a respiratory infection at the age of 95. Now, if this particular case is what he has called his name Mandela effect, it is important to note that there are numerous previous cases. In them, there is the fact that some people remember things that in principle have not happened.

Some examples of this effect or unexplainable phenomenon

As an example, there is the case of the massacre in Tiananmen Square in China in July 1989. This is the situation of a Chinese citizen blocking a row of tanks to be placed in front of them. The surprise is that for many of those who lived the events, remember that the young man did not block the passage of the tanks but was overwhelmed by them, causing his death.

Another case is that of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who was beatified in 2016, and many surprised them because they remembered becoming a saint in 1990, that is, 7 years before her death.

There is another fact like what happened with Mohamed Ali, who was still living long after a lot of People assumed that he was dead.

Explanations of the Mandela effect

Several theories and perspectives that try to explain this phenomenon arise. Some people suggest that it is due to the existence of multiple universes or the different alternative realities of time lines.

Others start from the quantum theory and highlight the possibility of the displacement of our consciousness by these alternate universes. Confusion is created due to the dissociation between what is remembered and what is being reported. There are people who consider within this current that this occurs as a result of the opening of portals between parallel universes due to collisions of particles that occur in CERN. Both theories are based on speculation and are rejected by most neuroscience and psychology researchers.

There are other theories that point to government agencies as responsible for introducing false information with uncertain purposes and with the intention of controlling and manipulating the information. mind.

Others say that we live in a programmed reality and from time to time there are changes that alter our internal programming.

At the level of psychology, they explain it as a malfunction of our mental processes or that distortion of memory occurs. It is believed that there is interference from other information or that fragments of memories emerge with which the memory of events is filled in. Within the psychology, confabulation is mentioned, in whose phenomenon the human beings fill the different gaps present in our memory with fabricated memories unconsciously Another is the external induction of memories. In addition, cryptomnesia, a phenomenon in which a memory is experienced as something experienced for the first time due to confusion about its origin.


The Mandela effect has generated a variety of debates and concerns still unexplainable for many. In this article, several examples are mentioned, but there are many more that can be located via internet. As we have pointed out, the causes and explanations are varied, but we only mention them with the purpose that the reader reaches his own conclusions.


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