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Kraken, a legendary sea creature

Brief description of the mythological creature

There is a creature named Kraken in Scandinavian and Finnish mythology. It is a type of squid or huge octopus that supposedly emerges from the sea and attacks ships and devours crew members.

There are legends in which it has been represented as a species of crustacean similar to a lobster.

Some legends related to this mythological creature

The legends are based on the stories of the survivors who were attacked by the mythological creature while traveling in their ships. Mostly these incidents occur on the coasts of Norway and Iceland. According to their stories, it appears as if it were an island and when they disembark they encounter the terrible creature and perish by the attack of the Kraken.

Some relate it to the legend of Simbad, although in this one it is not a Kraken but a less mythical whale. According to the legends existing in Norway, this mythological creature known as Kraken is two and a half kilometers long in adulthood. They claim that given their hump on their spine and the tentacles that float on the water give the impression of being an island of average size.

There was a bishop in 1775, known as Pontoppiden de Bergen (Norway) who in his writings assured that those islands that appeared and disappeared in the seas were undoubtedly Krakens.

There are others who say there was a bishop of Midaros who raised an altar on a rock of a beach and celebrated a religious celebration there. He did not realize that he was on the back of a Kraken and after waiting for the end of the religious celebration it slipped to the water and disappeared.

Skeptics do not believe in the existence of Kraken and assume they are giant squid. However, by way of clarification, we must add that the name of “Kraken” is associated with that of “Architeuthis Dux”, which is a giant squid that lives in the depths of the sea and of which we know little.


The legends are part of the tradition of each country and sometimes there is some truth in these stories. There is no conclusive evidence about the existence of this strange creature, nor are there explanations for certain events related to that creature. Here we expose them and let the reader reach their own conclusions.






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