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Koolakamba- strange specie identified in Camerún

Brief narrative related to the existence of “beastmen”

There is a belief that “beastmen” live in various places on the globe. Currently, the official opinion is that there are great apes recognized by science: the common chimpanzee, the orangutans and two other gorilla varieties that inhabit Africa.

But there is a theory, based on stories that African natives shared for centuries with European explorers and colonists, where the existence of ferocious beastmen who possessed great strength is exposed.

Diversity of opinions and data related to the topic

In the 19th century, the French explorer Paul du Chaillu acknowledged that he had found a gorilla in the jungles of Gabon and Camerún causing a reaction from the cryptozoologists where they sustained themselves in the existence of hominid species that were still undiscovered.

Through the records of Paul du Chaillu, a reference is made of a creature that he calls Koolkamba based on the sounds it makes and that the natives describe as a loud sound: “Kooloo”.

According to du Chaillu it is a being similar to the chimpanzee, but of large size, a large head and with proportions more similar to those of man; that is, it walks on two legs unlike the chimpanzee and the gorilla. However, despite the extensive collection of data presented by du Chaillu, the Koolakamba was never recognized by science. In addition, a live specimen was never found to corroborate what was said by his diaries .

According to scientists this is a hybrid specimen between the gorilla and the chimpanzee. This was backed up by Koppenfelds in 1881.

Others believe that it could be an abnormal chimpanzee product of a genetic mutation. However, this can be denied based on the fact that the natives have told the stories of this specimen for generations; which rules out that it is a mutation.

In 1960, primatologist Osman Hill said he was sure that among the chimpanzee groups he had investigated in the Holloman region, there could be specimens of the Koolakamba. He even pointed out having chimpanzee photos of huge stature and bipedal posture.

In 1966 debate was generated about the existence of a strange chimpanzee at the Yaounde Zoo, in Camerún. It was a big ape, square face, powerful jaw, big skull and human-like eyes and therefore was believed it could be a Koolakamba. But he died without being tested for DNA and could not be confirm whether if it was a different specimen or an abnormal chimpanzee.


The data shared by different professionals is interesting, and although there is no apparently  live specimen, but it is alleged to have photos of them. In addition, the opportunity to analyze the DNA of the foreign specimen of the Yaounde Zoo was lost. We expose the data and you reach your own conclusions.


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