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Izamal and their spooky legends

Brief description of this picturesque town

Izamal is a town in Yucatan where there is a lot of paranormal activity. Apparitions of ghosts are very common on the surrounding roads and in the historic precincts. The inhabitants of this sector report seeing aluxes (Mayan goblins) loitering in the pyramids of Izamal; including sightings of huay pek (witch turned into a dog). The most shocking are the police reports of ghostly presences in the streets of Izamal.

Legends and spooky anecdotes

The place has many legends as the spirit of a friar walking through the corridors of the convent of Izamal. Many attribute it to that of Fray Diego de Landa, the founder of the convent, who is held responsible for the ruthless acts against the Mayans and having burned dozens of his codices (manuscript books containing pictorial documents or images made for the Indians of Mexico and Central America).

Another legend is that of the ghost passenger who after asking for a ride and getting into the car disappears after a while.

The legend of the Corner of Izamal narrates as a beggar who slept every night at the door of the hall of the house of Don Rodrigo Jesus de la Plata and Albornoz, he was sent to remove him to dismiss, from that place and at dawn instead of the beggar appeared a beautiful deer. Don Rodrigo went to confirm his presence and to end the uproar that was the soul of the beggar turned into deer, decided to pass it inside his house. It is said that his temper softened and that at night conversations were heard in two voices having been alone in his house. When Don Rodrigo died in his room the deer dead at his feet was found in that dawn.

Another very interesting legend is that of the Virgin sisters of Izamal. Every December 8, for almost two centuries, during the early morning the two virgins are exchanged (they move each year from a room of the Mayan pyramid Kinich-Kakmó to the dressing room). It is said that when this event happens, the streets through which these virgins pass are fragrant with roses until the first hours of the following day.

All this legend begins when Fray Diego de Landa moved to Guatemala to bring an image of the Blessed Virgin to the convent by order of the izameleños. But by order of his Superior of Mérida he received the commission to bring another one for the convent, and so he did. The two images were the same in everything, so the town baptized them as The Two Sisters. One stayed in the Superior Convent of Mérida and the other was brought to Izamal.

According to the legend, prior to the fire on April 16, 1829 in Izamal, an indigenous sacristan known as José Chuc worked in that place and was known as a mystic since he spent long hours prostrate talking with the Virgin in the convent of Izamal and the day of the fire disappeared like the image of the virgin.

He brought the other image that was in Mérida, but then returned to the year José who asked the priest to stay the 8 days of the party and make the exchange of images. He promises to return every year for this same date. Over the years Joseph reveals a secret related to the fateful day of the fire.

According to him, he was working in the back of the building and before noticing the flames he heard a voice saying: Save me José, I am the Virgin. He alleges that he noticed a faint light that followed him and, not knowing what to do, went to Mount Kinich-Kakmó and entered the hollow that he has on the eastern side accompanied by the Virgin.

He was so frightened that he left Izamal, and although he thought of never returning, the Virgin gave him the order to come to Izamal every year for the holidays and not leave until accompanying the two sisters to change places.


There are many other legends which I invite you to look for more of them and make your own interpretations. The place, besides being picturesque, is mystical, mysterious and invites you to visit it for its peculiarities that we have told here. The fact of whether the events described here are true or not is left to the discretion of the reader.


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