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Is there life beyond death? – Experiences on the threshold of death

There are people who have experienced at a crucial moment in their lives, where they have been very committed to their health, and even declared as deceased, certain paranormal or inexplicable experiences and then have come back to life. These cases usually claim to have seen a light at the end of the tunnel, and even experience how his soul detached itself from the body and saw itself separated from it (unfolding).

Paranormal experiences on the threshold of death

You can mention without mistake, what exactly happened at that time where you have been comatose or clinically declared dead. All these cases, which are thousands, have been investigated. It has not been possible to explain how a degree of unconsciousness can offer such detailed information about what happened at that moment.

However, there is no scientific evidence that when we die we go to another place or another state of mind. Therefore, some cases related to these experiences will be mentioned in order to in some way contribute data, research information and related theories according to the findings. See also Investigations and experiments on Death by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Related Cases and Investigations

In 2011, a worker from the United Kingdom was admitted to a hospital to insert a catheter in his groin and suffered cardiac arrest. With the lack of oxygen, his brain stopped emitting signs of life and he was declared dead. However, he claims to remember what happened during his resuscitation by the medical team, when he was told to give him “electroshock”. At the same time, he allegedly had an unfolding, got out of bed and witnessed the resuscitation scene while his body lay on the stretcher. It was corroborated in the hospital’s personal history that what he said was exactly what happened.

Researchers on the subject assumed that once the heart stops working and blood does not reach the brain, all levels of consciousness are over. This case and others debate what for years was true. Some people think they are merely hallucinations. But, Sam Parnia, director of the resuscitation center at the Medical University of New York, wanted to free himself from assumptions about what these cases experienced on his deathbed. Therefore, during the four years, he and his team analyzed more than 2,000 cases of cardiac arrest and certified as dead. He found that the aforementioned case was not the only one that seems to remember his own death.

Dr. Raymond Moody did work in relation to near-death experiences. This is based on stories of people who, when declared clinically dead, return to life and describe scenarios very similar to each other regardless of their cultural level or religion. All this leads to admit that our consciousness has a life independent of our body, which contradicts the postulates of neurology.

There is a case in which a nurse from the cardiology unit of the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, in the Netherlands, was giving cardiorespiratory resuscitation help to a 44-year-old man and had removed his upper denture while he was in the process of resuscitation and the individual was in a deep coma. Once they manage to stabilize him and after a week, this same nurse is going to give him his medicine and he identifies it as the person who kept his teeth and even offered details such as where he placed it, etc. So this implies that he had seen the scene from above.

Of these cases there are thousands, but this one, in particular, took place during the pilot phase of a scientific study led by Dr. Pin van Lommel on scientific evidence of the NDE; and included in the program “Near Death Experience in Survivors of Cardiac Arrest”. Dr. Jose Miguel Gaona believes that no theory is able to fully explain an NDE, so it is not unreasonable to think that there is something beyond death.

He understands that as you have been doing experiments, your perception of NDEs has changed. He discovered the microtequinesia or the cerebral harmonization in which he postulates that at least a part of our consciousness is outside our brain.


Where we are going or where we came from, are thousands of questions that humanity has asked over time. We try to make sense of our existence. The experience that is experienced during the period of unfolding is marked by culture or beliefs. There are a variety of theories, some religious where it speaks to us from the separation of the spirit and the body and the scientific ones as depersonalization (sensation of being separated from the body). Scientist Carl Sagan suggests that the stress of death produces a memory of birth, suggesting the “tunnel” that people see as an image of the birth canal.

While some who believe in reincarnation can see this tunnel, yes as the vaginal canal, but as their arrival to the world again, reincarnated in another body and returning to life. They believe that we come back to life as another human being once we leave the tunnel to the bright light that according to them is the outer space outside the maternal womb. Remembering that those who return to life, after having seen the tunnel, never cross until the end, or until they reach the light.

There is nothing conclusive. Whether paranormal or not, the truth is that for many people it gives meaning, hope, and purpose to their existence. There are the data, studies, and research and everyone can judge based on these and reach their own conclusions.



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