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Incognito about the existence of hybrids on the planet

The existence of other living beings in the universe

For several centuries there has been the question of whether we are the only living beings in the universe. Even the assertion brings concern because if the planet were to become extinct, there would be no more beings in the universe. However, it is common knowledge the signs of UFO sightings and how the subject has been brought through films and writings of the literary genre. It is something that over time has been speculating and considering the possibility that there are other alien beings.

But there is another great question that begins to arise in relation to the living beings in the universe. In which it is questions the existence of hybrids between humans and aliens. This theme has created a great controversy in the world. Among people who deny alien existence can not accept it, they deny it categorically. They argue that given that the aliens do not exist, it would be impossible for beings of this type to be born.

On the other hand, there are people who believe in alien existence and understand that their purpose on Earth is not invasion but procreation.

Abductions and correlation with the existence of hybrids

That contact between humans and aliens is based on the abductions allegedly produced by UFOs. They claim that these extraterrestrial beings have an advanced technology capable of absorbing living beings inside their ships. Mostly are women who are abducted by these alien beings. There are those who think that they maintain relations with abducted people; by the process similar to the one we already know.

If the fertilization process is successful, a hybrid creature with human and extraterrestrial genetic material will be born after nine months. Human DNA predominates, but they have incredible characteristics. Among these features are: telepathy, strong intuition and that can feel what other people feel.

Testimonials of abductions in the world

The abducted women who return to the planet tell incredible testimonies. One such case is that of a Canadian woman who had a hybrid daughter. This is the case of Lisa, a young Canadian woman, although she does not possess any physical characteristic that distinguishes her from other human beings, but her origins are uncertain. This means that half of its genome is human, but the other half does not come from this world.

In a Canadian program Lisa commented that she was able to read the thoughts of other people without even talking to them. Lisa discussed her strange birth and other incredible experiences with the paranormal investigator, Dr. Luigi Venditelli. She alleged that her mother told her that she was abducted in a Toronto forest by an alien ship that lifted her from the ground. She added that she fell asleep while she was observing strange beings around her and then woke up again in the forest. After the incident and after nine months of gestation, Lisa was born. She possesses incredible telepathic powers and a great capacity for intuition and reasoning.

There are several women who claim to have been abducted for the purpose of reproducing, both sexually and by methods unknown to humans that would not involve physical contact.


Researchers of extraterrestrial life continue to collect testimonies from both mothers and alleged hybrids. The case of Lisa was announced to find more people who consider belonging to the world of hybrids.

We will leave the conclusion regarding the issue of the existence of hybrids at the discretion of the reader.


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