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Imminent Contact with Extraterrestrials

Fiction becomes something more real about the UFO phenomenon

The researcher, Cathal D. O’Connel, has expressed in his publication of the magazine “The Conversation” that it is quite safe that it is feasible to find living beings outside the Earth . Add that what was something like a fiction becomes more real every day.

In that publication highlights the fact that astronomers have cataloged that there are thousands of planets orbiting the habitable zone of its stars. That is, far enough from the sun to maintain an adequate temperature for liquid water to exist on its surface. In the list of these planet one particular stands out which is very similar to the Earth.

Extraterrestrial life in the Next Centauri

There is a planet that is orbiting a star near the solar system and is in the habitable zone. O’Connel points out that it is only four light-years away from Earth. Therefore, it is possible that we can reach it through the use of current technology. He adds that he believes that through Stephen Hawking’s project “Breakthrough Starshot”, presented in 2016, this may well be under way. This planet is known as Proxima Centauri. According to this project could be sent tiny space probes to this planet using lasers.

As a way to contribute more to his theory, O’Connel emphasizes that already on Earth there are organisms that can survive conditions difficult enough for humans. Among the examples are: the presence of living organisms in a lake of sulfuric acid, in barrels of nuclear waste, in overheated water of 122 degrees Celsius and in the sterile lands of Antarctica.

In this way it infers that therefore on Mars the conditions for living can be presented. He adds that the presence of methane in the atmosphere of Mars is a proof of the presence of life. Currently on Mars there is liquid water underground. Based on the changes in methane levels in the atmosphere of Mars, it is expected that there will be presence of living organisms such as Martian insects. Understand that these can be detected through your search through the Rosalind Franklin Exomars.


Every day is more evident the presence of living beings outside our planet. Currently the scientific community is more certain that there is extraterrestrial life. This fact leads us to think that what we saw through film or literature related to the extraterrestrial phenomenon becomes more real and verifiable.

Over time the belief that only we exist in the universe has been disappearing and on the contrary more and more evidence to the contrary. Apparently the time has come to see our reality in a different way and better understand our purpose with the rest of the universe.



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