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High impact earthquakes and their possible correlation with the alleged New World Era

High impact earthquake in the world in 2019

It is important to indicate that there have always been tremors of medium and greater magnitude in our planet and in some countries it occurs more frequently due to the geological faults existing in these places. Here only the data will be presented according to what was reported in 2019.

In Chile it is where more earthquakes have occurred among which only those of greater magnitude will be indicated. On January 20, 2019, there was a magnitude 6.7 earthquake that shook central Chile. On April 26, 2019 another one of 5.3 magnitude occurred whose epicenter was located 80 kilometers northwest of Chañaral, off the coast, 40 kilometers deep. On June 2, 2019 another 5.3-magnitude earthquake occurred on the coast of Valparaiso. It was produced 60 kilometers deep. On June 13, 2019, an earthquake of 6.4 degrees occurred in Coquimbo, in the north of the country.

In Peru, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred on May 27, 2019. It occurred in the Peruvian Amazon. It lasted for almost 2 minutes. He was so strong that it was felt in Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Initially it had been identified as 8 degrees and then the Geophysical Institute reduced it to 7.5 degrees.

In Mexico, an earthquake of about 5 degrees of magnitude was recorded, in south of Acapulco. Its epicenter about 7 km from Tierra Colorada. It was located 80 km deep.

In Russia there was an earthquake on June 25, 2019 of 6.6 magnitude on the Ritcher scale that shook the Kamchatsk Peninsula, in eastern Russia, according to the information provided by the US Geological Survey. (USGS). Its epicenter was at a depth of 33 km, located preliminarily at 56.2 degrees of latitude and 164.3 degrees of longitude.

In California, E.U. , an earthquake occurred in full celebration of July 4, 2019. It was 6.4 degrees of magnitude and is considered the strongest of the last 20 years in this region. The depth was 8.7 km and had more than 40 replicas of lower intensity. It was located in a sparsely populated area. Its epicenter was about 240 km from the Mojave desert, about 240 km from Los Angeles. On July 5, 2019, an earthquake of magnitude of 7.1 occurred during the night in the southern region of California. It is the largest tremor registered in 20 years registered in that area. It was at a surface depth of 0.9 km and its epicenter was close to Ridgecrest, about 200 km northeast of the city of Los Angeles. It happens only a day after the 6.4 magnitude. It is also true that the inhabitants of Los Angeles, California, have been waiting for a mega quake in the San Andreas fault.

Other atmospheric events that affect the planet and the existence of living beings

In addition to the San Andreas Fault there are other faults in different regions of the world. At present, it is very likely that a delayed effect will occur and that a major earthquake in the Himalayas will be a devastating phenomenon. According to researchers, there are indications in their reports that a large accumulation of tectonic stress would generate at any time an earthquake of at least 8.5 or more degrees of magnitude.

There are new climatic changes that have affected the coasts of different countries of the world. The wave of heat generated in the African region has led to an increase in the number of hurricanes and their magnitude in hurricane force. In addition, as we mentioned in previous articles, certain submarine volcanoes have been awakened which have caused great physical changes in our planet.


Only the earthquakes were mentioned here, but there are other findings such as the volcanoes’ awakening and global warming that have caused the loss of many coasts in different regions of the world. As well as the change in the earth’s axis.

All this leads us to question ourselves about what is happening on our planet and how this would affect human survival. The causes of these events and how we could help improve our environment. If we remember the prophecy of July 20, 2019, in this we are mentioned certain atmospheric events that would mark a new millennium.

The veracity of this prophecy remains in the hands of time. What is certain is that the Earth has undergone many climate changes and appears to face a new environmental era. It requires humanity to gain consciousness and intellectual growth and more empathy with nature and other living beings.

It is the objective to make the reader aware of these changes so that each one can analyze them from their own perspective and reach their own conclusions.




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