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Gravitational waves could be the means of extraterrestrial communication

Brief introduction related to the subject

It is interesting to note that we have been trying for decades to locate any sign that reveals the presence of intelligent beings beyond planet Earth. Scientists have worked hard on this through powerful instruments such as telescopes and detectors, without success.

So we continue to analyze all the possibilities, means and frequencies with which a hypothesis is achieved that some alien civilization has been communicating. Given that there is an infinity of probabilities that there is life “out there”, therefore there may be the existence of advanced technology to communicate with the rest of the universe.

According we use radio waves, an alien civilization may have developed a completely different communication technology. There is also the possibility of creating machines powerful enough so that their activity can be registered within our planet.

There is a new study that suggests that an advanced civilization could have built a device capable of allowing communication over long distances by means of gravity waves. The objective would be to capture these signals and thus we would find a way to communicate.

The latest scientific proposal directed by Marck Abramowicz and his team related to the subject

The latest scientific proposal led by Marck Abramowicz, of the Swedish University of Gothenburg, suggests the possibility that ET have a technology capable of generating gravitational waves. That is, the faint undulations of the very fabric of spacetime produced by violent phenomena such as supernovae or collisions of black holes. This resembles the one that causes a stone in a pond.

According to Abramowicz and his team, this would be achieved with only a small operational change to the LISA mission antenna, a gravitational wave space detector projected by the European Space Agency whose launch is planned for the year 2034.

The LISA mission consists of three ships, arranged in a triangle 2.5 million km from Earth. When combined they function as a huge detector of gravitational waves in orbit. If the change suggested by Abramowicz is applied, it could also allow the discovery of an advanced civilization within our galaxy.

Since our existence is due to a combination of circumstances, the same could have happened for any other advanced civilization. However, they can be aware of the unique property of our galactic center: which houses a massive black hole closer and accessible to us.

Abramowicz suggests that this civilization may have placed technology in the orbit of this black hole to study it and extract energy from it and for communication purposes. In other words, the center of the Milky Way would be perfect for placing a beacon that transmits messages to the rest of the galaxy.

The authors of this study name this beacon with the name of “The Messenger” and believe it capable of detecting gravitational waves from any place and from any direction. In other words, I would not be limited to studying only one sector of the universe.

They suggest that such a device can not be too small because it could affect the production of gravitational wave amplitude and also not too large because it would need too much energy to stay in the orbit of Sagittarius A. Therefore, they recommend that it should be at least the size of Jupiter.

If it turns out that Abramowicz is right, then we could capture the first gravitational wave of artificial origin in history. Although there would still be the doubt that as such a device is capable of emitting for thousands of light years, it may be that when we receive it then, the issuers no longer exist.


The ability to communicate with the rest of the universe is interesting and may help us in our growth. Although it is still only under study, at least it is exciting that steps are already being taken to achieve it. We hope that for the next few years and with the LISA mission set for the year 2034, great discoveries will have been made and we will know if Abramowicz’s theory is correct.



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