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“Friendship”, Chilean ufology

It is one of the most controversial cases of Chilean ufology. There are countless speculations, where it is stated that it is a mental experiment, others that in this case the Nazis are involved and most think that they are extraterrestrial beings.

Origin and people related to “Friendship”

It is about the existence of beings that live in an unknown island located in the south of Chile. This starts in the 80’s and where a family surnamed Ortiz maintained contact with those beings with a “gringo” accent. Octavio Ortiz was the first to make known about it; and he alleges that they thought they were Mormons because of their way of speaking and that it never occurred to them to link them with extraterrestrial beings. His only contact was on a yacht in which they transported machinery and with the people who visited them. Although they were invited, they were never afraid because they did not know what they were going to find there.
On the other hand, Ernesto De La Fuente, a mechanical civil engineer from the University of Concepción, says that in 1983 he had contact with the inhabitants of the island and later learned that they were members of a congregation called “Friendship”. He made contact through a radio station of 11 meters and between the interlocutors were these, those who claimed to belong to a religious congregation called “Friendship” that had acquired an island in the archipelago of the Guaitecas.
He alleges that he met one of the inhabitants of “Friendship” whose age fluctuated between 35 and 55 years. He describes it as having dark blond hair, light eyes, tanned skin and very high compared to the average Chilean’s size. He claimed that his presence radiated peace.
De La Fuente worked for the “Friendship” by transporting people to small ports and from there they were picked up by Mytilus II, a small boat and which was the only one allowed to reach the island.
De La Fuente says that when he was able to stay on the island he slept in a small piece of three square meters and there was only one bed and a table with a computer terminal. There were large greenhouses, satellite TV lounges, a heated pool and other amenities. There was no clinic or hospital, everyone was smiling and they were not talking loudly.
He alleges that he realized that a large amount of energy was required to keep all the systems running and when asked they only told him that it came from a generator they had installed below.
However, he was not convinced by the answer given that given the energy requirements this should be of a large size and there was no vibration or sound there, it was just silence.

Interesting facts and possible answers to the findings

An interesting fact related to the topic and that impacts internationally is the fact that in “Friendship” they had been able to predict things; such as earthquakes, natural disasters and the fall of the Challenger.
It is also questionable how all these facilities can be financed. It is alleged that for the decade of the 70’s in California, E.U., a non-profit foundation had decided to form this “Congregation”; and that they later acquired and moved to the south of Chile on this island.
It is alleged that the island has a polymetallic mine with platinum, rhodium, osmium and iridium. This can answer how they pay for community expenses.
However, it is questionable the fact that although different means have tried to bequeath to the island, they have not been possible. One of these was when Nueva Imagen makes an expedition counting on the help of the Navy and did not achieve its objective. Then I try it for the second time independently and I can not reach the coordinates given.
For years, contact with the supposed inhabitants of the island has been lost, but the subject is still valid.

At the moment it follows the current subject and without having reasonable answers that explain the exposed data here. Some that we have disclosed may perhaps clarify certain things, but there are still others that need explanation.
Here the data and references related to this subject are exposed. We let the reader analyze, judge and reach their own conclusions.



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