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Fireballs Phenomenon

Brief description of this phenomenon

It is one of the paranormal phenomena that scare people the most. These are giant spheres of fire that travel the sky just like comets. They even appear around doors and windows and on planes zigzagging between people and then back into space.

In general they have a rounded shape, which unlike the ray that is discharged quickly, is persistent. You can move slow, fast or stay motionless. It can emit sibilant sounds, crackling or without noise.

Some attribute them to UFOs since they are unidentified flying objects. According to Edward Argyll, a Canadian scientist, he relates it to persistent images of the retina. He explains that it is caused by the dazzling light of a lightning bolt which remains imprinted on the retina of the eye for quite some time.

Science explains it as a globular ray, better known as a spark, due to a natural phenomenon related to electrical storms.

Experiences related to fireballs

On June 16, 1960, in Nevada, E.U. , a USAF KG-97 refueling plane was on a routine mission and as it passed through a bank of clouds, a ball of fire entered through the windshield, passing between the pilots and the cockpit, the fuel tank and coming out jump on the right wing to then disappear in the night.

Another incident related to fireballs occurred in 1967 in the skies of the former Soviet Union. A civil airplane TU-104 was flying when a weak luminescence was observed near the entrance of the cabin, which was increasing until reaching a meter of diameter. It remained immobile and upright. The passengers thought it was a fire and tried to extinguish it. Suddenly disappeared after passing through the cockpit of the pilots. According to the witnesses, it did not emit heat or smell.

In 1967, in the former Soviet Union, the chemist Dimitrev was at the edge of the Onega River in Siberia when he saw a flash of light and a ball of white and yellow fire appeared on the water surrounded by a white and blue halo.

In the 50s in Germany, a girl named Inge, was doing a task in the kitchen and suddenly a ball of fire appeared on the floor. She was accompanied by her grandmother and mother, who watched as the ball circled around the girl and then disappeared.

In the year 1955, an English boy tried to touch it and this triggered an explosion that killed 11 cows. Both the boy and his playmate were thrown to the ground, but miraculously they remained unharmed.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, studies have been initiated regarding these phenomena. In 1880 in France there were many sightings of these fireballs. So them came and went around in their houses. But scientists classified them as optical illusions.


This phenomenon continues under studies and they have not been able to reach a conclusion that can explain it without a doubt. Here is only exposed the data so it is remain into the reader to reach to their own conclusions.



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