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Fireball sighting in the Florida sky

Brief description of what happened in the Florida sky

The meteorological authorities of U.S.  are investigating reports of several citizens in South Florida in which they mention that a fireball was sighted between Tuesday night and early morning on Wednesday, July 3, 2019.

Several people posted videos and photographs of this unidentified luminous object on their social networks. It is one of the closest incidents related to the UFO issue.

Diversity of reports related to what happened in the Florida sky

The National Meteorological Service of Miami reported that it received reports of some objects in the sky throughout southern Florida and that it is presumed to be space junk. They really were not sure what it was exactly.

While the American Meteor Society notes on its website that it received 23 reports related to what happened especially on the east and west coast of Florida; even two warnings at the north and south ends of the state, Jacksonville and the Keys, respectively, separated by some 600 kilometers. According to them, it is a re-entry of space debris and possibly a Chinese satellite CZ-3BR /B launched in 2015.

On the other hand, through the videos and photos you can see a kind of fireball and a halo of light that descends slowly. Others show a small ball of light followed by a larger ball of light, which they called “double meteor”.

In Palm Beach County a large fireball was seen going down into the sky, which was then divided into two.

The NWS thanked the people who provided videos and photos of the event, but have not yet determined whether the fireball could be derived from a UFO or space debris.


It is a mystery if it is a UFO, space debris or something else, but the truth is that there are videos and photos that prove the veracity of the event. Nor has it been indicated if any particulate or any sample that can be analyzed has fallen and thus determine what really went through the skies of Florida. Due to the remoteness of the object it is difficult to determine what is sighted. At least if they would have had longer lenses they could have seen the object better.

The information is shared in this article so that everyone can reach to own conclusions.




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