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Events related to the Call for assault of Area 51 of September 20, 2019

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Friday, September 20, 2019 was the date on which it was chosen for the online call for an assault on Area 51 and where more than two million people responded affirmatively. His goal was to “see aliens.”

There was a lot of military surveillance and restrictions in Area 51 and this may have resulted that the number of people who attended was not as expected. However, although the expectation of assistance from people was not met, on the other hand, just hours after the event began, the U.S. Navy admitted that the strange flying objects that were captured by Navy pilots in 2015, and were disseminated by the New York Times and The Stars Academy of Arts & Science at the end of 2017 are effectively UFOs.

Explanations of the Navy and reactions of those who believe in the UFO phenomenon

It is the first time that the Navy confirms UFOs. According to Joseph Gradisher, the spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, through statements in The Black Vault (intelligence website) said the Navy has designated the objects seen in the videos as unidentified aerial phenomena. He does not use the word UFO properly because he understands that it is not the appropriate terminology for this type of sightings.

According to the Navy, this does not mean that the existence of aliens is being suggested but does mean that researchers have not yet been able to identify those objects that appear in the videos.

This has not discouraged those who were summoned to the assault of Area 51 and therefore attended the event. They understand that the reality of what they hide in the military base must be uncovered. The number of people who attended the event between Thursday and Friday was a little over 3,000. The atmosphere was generally festive. They only became close to the military base, but could not enter Area 51. Thus, the fears of a massive raid on the site were unfounded.


Uncertainty and doubt remain as to whether or not the existence of UFOs and aliens in said Area 51 is real. It is unknown if the reaction of the military would have been different, if the amount of assistance to the event had been equal to the amount that confirmed it, which was about two million people. Also interesting is the reaction of the Navy to the videos taken by the pilots shortly before the event began. Actually instead of answers there have been more doubts.


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