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Orgone Energy- the energy of life

Much has been theorized about a vital energy. Terms have been developed to describe it as Reiki, chi, prana, among others. However, during the times of a World War, a psychoanalyst was faced with a possible great scientific achievement. Demonstrating the apparent existence of a force that called orgone energy.

Wilhelm Reich and the orgone energy

In 1930 Wilhelm Reich proposed the theory of orgone energy to explain an apparent life energy in the Universe. According to Reich, there is an energy that promotes life and following the works of Freud related it to the libido. He believed that it had a biological basis and that the flow of this energy should be released to strengthen the health of the organism. His theory received serious criticism from scientific groups as well as conservatives.

Wilhelm Reich invented some artifacts to work and investigate this energy. Using organic materials such as plastic and metals, he made certain objects with cavities using layers of both materials. From this, he created what he called the orgone accumulator and consisted of a tube composed of the aforementioned layers. He also made a chamber in the same way for patients. Then, from these tubes, he made the cloud-buster with which the climate could apparently be altered.

Orgon Accumulator by Reich. Source: orgonite.info

According to his theory, orgone energy is present everywhere as positive energy (POR), neutral energy (OR) and negative energy (DOR). The neutral energy can be considered as the net product of both. Reich claimed that negative energy or DOR was responsible for adverse conditions in the body. With the accumulators, the energy could be obtained and concentrated within it. Then incorporating a quartz, resin and an apparent piezoelectric property were designed what is known as orgone or orgonite. The latter would filter the DOR energy and emit the energy POR. The orgonite have become popular as they have been prepared as authentic works of art. Currently, they can be obtained in different places.

Orgonite Diagram Source: orgonite.info

Benefits of the Orgone

According to various sectors that have continued with the work of Reich, it is alleged that orgone energy can bring the following benefits:

  • It diminishes the harmful radiations of our environment such as the electromagnetic waves of computers, WIFI, cellular signal, among others.
  • Accelerates biological processes and allows accelerated growth in the body. Plants grow faster while in animals accelerates the development of tissues.
  • Keep away insects that are attracted by the energy of the environment.
  • A tingling or heat sensation may be felt when approaching the skin.
  • Increases the temperature of the body and the environment.
  • Improves the energy level and vitality.

The list may become more extensive and these effects should be studied more thoroughly.

Conflicts with Science

Despite efforts to validate the theory, orgone energy is considered part of pseudoscience. Wilhelm Reich tried to validate his theory through various investigations where even Albert Einstein offered to review. However, Einstein found that the methods he used lacked rigor. Albert Einstein seemed afraid to be associated with this as he asked Reich not to use his participation to promote the research. On the other hand, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibited the distribution of orgone products because Reich and his associates were allegedly deceiving people. This led to Reich’s imprisonment because he did not obey those orders and they also destroyed all information about his investigation. Subsequently, Reich students continued their work.


Orgone energy is a subject that deserves to be studied. It is very strange the prohibition on the part of the FDA and even more the reaction of Einstein on the matter. This generates some space to consider a possible conspiracy theory against Reich’s work. I think that the mechanism to prepare the accumulators has some resemblance to the capacitors so it would be possible to find a charge on the object. I must add that the concept has certain similarities with what Nikola Tesla mentioned as radiant energy. The energy collection design suggested by Tesla is very similar. However, I believe that the validity of this vital energy is in the hands of future research.


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