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Egypt, a place of mysteries and magic

Brief introduction to the topic

The pyramids of Egypt were built to rest the bodies of the pharaohs (tombs). The first pyramid that the Egyptians built was in the year 2,650 B.C. by the architect imhotep, it is known as the stepped pyramid of Zoser in Sakarah. More stones were added until it reached six floors. That pyramid was built for Sneferu, father of Keobs.
After this pyramid they were built more and in all they talk about secrets and their magical powers.

Magical powers and positive energy in the pyramids

The pyramids of Giza were built under the same line of the constellation of the Orion belt, this constellation the Egyptians knew as Osiris. It is said that the pyramids provide healing and psychic energies, attract luck, stability, power and health.

There is a diversity of theories of powers and mystery regarding the pyramids of Giza. There are two that science showed interest in research and surprising results were obtained. The first theory states that the Great Pyramid of Cheops was not a tomb, but a temple, where certain candidates began in the sciences and secret mysteries. The other theory, by the American Edgar Cayee, states that inside and below the base of the Great Pyramid are secret libraries where the heritage of Atlantis, the lost continent, was kept.

In 1960, Luis Álvarez, a professor of physics at the University of California, was one of the scientists interested in finding out that it was true that there were hidden cameras inside or below the pyramids.

In addition to the North American team, another from Cairo collaborate with it, he is from Einshams University. For two years they recorded measurements of cosmic radiations from inside the pyramids, which further increased the puzzle and the purpose of this investigation, which was to verify whether or not there was a secret chamber in the pyramid.

The results showed that within the pyramid there is a force that defies all the laws of science. The structure of the pyramid has no error, but what actually happens is that an unknown and “supernatural” force acts in the pyramid.

This results in a disconcerting discovery. In the hallways of the pyramid there was a bad smell, coming from decaying animals and a lot of humidity, but in the chamber although there was humidity there was no longer a bad smell and the corpses of small animals in that area were in perfect mummification state.

The experience was so important that they placed a few pieces of fresh meat to see what happened after a few days, checking to their surprise that the meat could not be corrupt. It is discovered that the configuration of the pyramid produces a dissecting effect thus preserving it from corruption. This leads to the conclusion that the Egyptians knew the supernatural force capable of reversing the normal course of physical events.

Samuel Yannes Meintosh, professor of physics, managed to demonstrate that a kind of electric charge was coming from the vortex of the pyramid.

On the other hand, Karel Drbal, concluded that all living matter, including man, is subjected to a biocosmic energy and that the Pyramid only serves to focus that energy.



The mysteries and force that govern the universe are yet to be discovered and it is important to note that our ancestors knew mysteries related to this issue that are still a mystery in our time. Here the data is exposed and the reader is left to reach his own conclusions.


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