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Dodo is supposedly filmed with night camera

We really do not have the certainty of the exact amount of living species on our planet. Each year, new species are added to those already known and is not so strange to find species already considered extinct. In this case, we will present a video that was appearing a few years ago about a dodo filmed on camera. A mysterious species that has been considered extinct for a little more than 300 years.

About the Dodos

Painting of a dodo head by Cornelis Saftleven (1607-1681) from 1638, which may be one of the last illustrations made of a live dodo. It is housed at Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam.

The Dodos were an endemic species of Mauritius Island. When the Dutch colonized the island and met the dodos in 1598, they began poaching them. Already almost a century later, these species were considered extinct. It is also alleged that many sailors had transported these birds to other countries giving the possibility of being in other parts of the world. On the other hand, it is also mentioned that on Reunion Island there was a kind of white dodo that is still considered a mystery.

What we currently know about these creatures is thanks for the artistic works of those times, to the fossils found and the writings of that time. In several paintings like Savery’s, we see this bird present. In several published drawings we see alleged portraits of the dodo. Currently, we have fossils found on the island of Mauritius and skin remains that were preserved over the years by enthusiasts. Finally, we have the historical record thanks to historians and records of that time.

The dodos became a symbol thanks to its history. They remind us of the destructive effect that human beings can have on their environment.


Filming the Dodo

We can see in the video several scenes where an iguana walks in the area. In turn, we see the dodo peeking around a corner. Then, in the next scenes, he walks in front of the camera and even gives certain hits to it. We also see a series of people analyzing what happened in other scenes.

Perhaps this recording may seem like solid proof, we must be objective about our supposed “miracle”. The validity of this video is a little complicated due to several factors. The main one is the not being able to find the original sources of this publication that has become a mystery. According to the publications that we find in the networks, some say that it was filmed in Reunion Island and others indicate that Costa Rica. Although in both places it is possible that these birds have emigrated thanks to the already known historical navigators, the existence of two “apparent truths” takes us away from the truth of this video. In addition, it is mentioned that it was originally published on April 1 or 2, 2015, the date we know as April Fools’ Day.

There are many details that indicate that this video may possibly be false. In addition to the aforementioned, some people question why the dodo always appears blurry despite being far or close to the camera while the iguana looks good from both far and near. On the other hand, if this is a false recording it would be one of the best productions ever made. The dodo seems very real and perhaps for that reason, this video still circulates the web as other legends.


Cryptozoology or the study of mythical and extinct animals has repeatedly managed to find species that were believed not to exist. We must be open to the possibility that this species still live in our world because there are not enough reasons to discard it. Perhaps, if the dodo returned to our reality, the human being would do things differently and the species would be protected. This filmed creature may represent this possible hope. However, the validity or falsity of this video is the viewer’s personal criteria because the truth is still a mystery.


Do you think this video is fake o not? Share your opinions below!

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