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Conspiracy Theories on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Brief Introduction

The assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, has sparked a series of conspiracy theories because the results of the investigation were not completely clear and, on the contrary, cast further doubts and questions through of the years.

The facts or data of those and from where they perpetrated the murder do not coincide since the forensic evidence does not coincide with the position in which the shots were alleged and the findings of the autopsy to determine the entry and exit of the bullets. So it is questioned that the defendant, Lee Harvey Oswald, is the real killer and that there is only one sniper, given the different route projections of each of the bullets that denote that they came from different places.

There are several conspiracy theories in which they try to explain, although in a somewhat speculative way, what were the real facts both in those who were involved and the reasons and what exactly happened.


Conspiracy Theories

  • The first is that there were two shooters and not one as determined in the investigation, and who murdered him shot from the ground next to the caravan of the president.
  • Another was established by Roger Stone, who has been associated with Trump for a long time, in which he accused the vice president and successor, Lyndon Johnson, of the murder. Stone works for the right-wing alternative website Infowars.
  • Another third theory is that the CIA was involved in alludes to that someone from the CIA was the one who fired and others who were only guilty by omission, since they knew of the plan to assassinate him and did not take measures to avoid it.
  • A fourth theory is that it was a revenge of Fidel Castro because JFK approved an operation known as the Bay of Pigs, where they wanted to overthrow Castro. When the operation failed, Kennedy criticized the CIA and made statements to the New York Times about breaking the CIA into thousands of pieces and throwing them into the wind. In fact, there were more conspiracies to kill Castro after the Bay of Pigs and the Missile Crisis. They associate Castro with his murder because of the foregoing and by Oswald’s communist apprenticeships.
  • Another fifth theory points out that it was a mafia crime in complicity with the CIA. It is based on the fact that at that time Robert Kennedy was the Attorney General and his priority was the fight against crime.

Some people understand that Kennedy was not the target, this theory is based on that supposedly wanted to kill the Governor of Texas, John Connally, who also, the first lady was also in the vehicle with the president. In fact, Connelly was shot and there is a statement from Oswald’s wife indicating that the target was Connelly.


Secret Reports about the Kennedy Assassination

In 1992, during the presidency of George W. Bush, the Act of Collection of Record of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy was signed, where the publication of the registers is required for the year 2017. It is during the presidency of Donald Trump that the established period of time to comply with the disclosure of said records is met.

Trump frees around 2,894 secret reports about the Kennedy assassination but decides to leave behind the most sensitive core, postponing the release of the most compromising documents with national security. All this at the behest of recommendations from the CIA and the FBI. Around 200 reports did not come to light because they were going to undergo evaluation. According to Trump, only those that pose no risk or irreversible damage to national security will be exposed.

Republican Representative Walter Jones, who has called for the full publication of the archives, told CNN he spoke with Roger Stone for Trump to pressure not to block the revelación. Trump has made expressions accusing the father of Senator Ted Cruz, of being involved with the assassination. They relate to the father of the senator, Rafael Cruz, given that photos of him appear with Oswald. They allege that after the assassination of President JFK, Mr. Rafael Cruz was exiled to Canada to work for Bush Oil.

It should be noted that both the CIA and the FBI were concerned about exposing the identity of individuals who were “informants” and that they may be alive and giving details of support activities to foreign allied organizations. Historians sought information about Oswald’s trip to Mexico, six weeks before the murder.

The archives contain information about the program that the CIA used to listen to conversations of the embassies of Cuba and the Soviet Union in the Mexican capital. The chronological file of this surveillance was destroyed, according to a March 1978 document. The experts are interested in knowing the agreements between the CIA and the Mexican government to mount this surveillance.

The documents reveal that in the trip to Mexico, Oswald requested a transit visa for Cuba on the way to the Soviet Union and when he did not get it, he became extremely angry. Another document reveals that shortly after Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, a call was received as a warning that someone was threatening to kill Oswald. Two days later, Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby.

The mayor of Dallas, Earle Cabell, at the time of the murder was a CIA asset since late 1956. Kennedy had fired his brother Charles from his position as deputy director of the CIA. A retired FBI agent, Zack Shelton, indicates that this fact may be a reason for what happened in Dallas and adds that Oswald did not act alone. Shelton indicates that in the 1980s he was an FBI agent in Chicago and that a supposed hired assassin, James Files, informed him that he was one of the armed men of Dallas and that he fired from the famous hill covered with grass. Many historians dismiss this statement, but Shelton believes it.

There are documents that mention a Giancana messenger, a former Chicago policeman, Richard Cain, who met with the CIA in Mexico, also informed the FBI. In a 1992 biography written by Giancana’s relatives, it is indicated that he had informed his younger brother, that Cain and Nicoletti, not Oswald, were in the Texas Book Store, from where Kennedy was shot.

It highlights an important archive where the then FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, the day after the murder, said it was important to convince the public that the real murderer was Oswald. It is questionable that when an investigation has just begun, this determination will be reached if we study the facts and prove the case against Oswald. Hoover ran the FBI for 48 uninterrupted years and after his death, the president, Richard Nixon, limited the term of office to directors of the FBI to only 10 years. Several presidents of E.U. including Kennedy tried to dismiss him from office, without success. Hoover dedicated himself to investigating the private lives of presidents, artists, and athletes, extorting them and controlling them. He is accused of not investigating in depth the death of President Kennedy, or that of his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, in the latter allegedly ordered his employees to burn all evidence immediately. Hoover was linked to the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. He was a fierce anti-communist and anti-Semitic.

The latest on this issue is that Trump postponed until 2021 as the limit to reveal documents of the Kennedy assassination.


So far, what happened that day of the assassination of President Kennedy is a mystery. There are contradictions between the theories and the conclusion they reached about the assassination. It is necessary to reveal more files with which this case can be clarified that despite the time elapsed it remains in the public interest to resolve it.

Despite the documents that have been unveiled and those that continue to be published, it is unlikely that they will clarify the Kennedy assassination. So it is seen that it is a subject that will be debated for a century.



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