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Close to understanding the physics that UFOs employ with propulsion theory

Brief introduction related to the subject in front of the exposed thing by ex- official of the DIA (secret service of the army of E.U.

Mr. Luis Elizondo, a former intelligence officer of the DIA (Secret Service of the US Army), who led the Threat Identification Program (AATIP) between 2010 and 2017, decided in 2017 to present the secret program to journalists of the New York Times. Among his statements is that close encounters with UFOs establish a distortion around the flying device as a result of the propulsion method employed by said objects.

Elizondo describes it as a bubble around the Unidentified, which allows the ability to bend the space time for the localized area and the electromagnetic energy behaves differently in that area. In general terms Elizondo explains it as a mode of displacement far beyond our technological capabilities since they use a large amount of energy to bend space time.

However, he believes that we are currently close to understanding the physics that UFOs employ. It is based on the advances of quantum physics that allows us to have a more convincing image of the phenomenon to which we are exposed.

Possible explanation or correlation between this phenomenon and the experiences reported by the protagonists of these paranormal encounters

This ability to manage time space explains what most of the protagonists of these close encounters manifest related to temporal anomalies. In other words, they experience that only a few minutes have passed when in fact several hours have passed. Even, there are spatial anomalies because they change certain elements of the environment. In addition, sensory anomalies occur as the thermal sensation disappears, the sensation of remaining in a parallel reality, absence of sounds, etc. is perceived.

Case related to this paranormal phenomenon

There are a diversity of cases related to this paranormal phenomenon. Here one will be mentioned in particular, but that bears similarity with other reported cases. It will be mentioned what happened in a case from the Madrid town of Fuenlabrada that explains the statement made by Elizondo.

In the case, it is narrated what happened to Jaime L. at ten o’clock in the night in February of 1996 when he returned to his house on Luis Sauquillo Street. He expressed that a very powerful light surrounded him completely. When he was close to the road he thought it was the lights of a truck and that it was coming over him, so he tried to protect himself. He turned around in a second and could see a jet of light that started from the sky. When crossing to the sidewalk he realized that this luminosity came from an impressive sphere.

At that moment he noticed that there was an equally surprised lady beside him. While this was happening he noticed a strange feeling of emptiness, there was no sound and the whole place was surrounded by an inexplicable silence. The most surprising thing was that the other cars kept going as if nothing was happening. Neither were the noises of the cars heard.

When communicating with the lady next to him, he was able to confirm that she experienced the same thing and their voices sounded strange, as if they were alone in the world and with a kind of echo. Then she left and he continued to watch until the luminous object began to vibrate, diminished in size and shot upward in a matter of minutes leaving a trail of sparks.


As in other cases, these close encounters give the impression that this phenomenon is shown only to certain witnesses, but not others. Which can demonstrate at a certain point what Elizondo expressed in relation to the handling of space time by these UFOs as a method of propulsion. We will leave the opinion in this regard at the discretion of the reader.


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