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Boriska, the child of Mars

Boriska Kipriyanovich was born on January 11, 1996, in the village of Valzhskii, Russia, in a suburban hospital. His father is a retired official and his mother is a doctor with a specialty in dermatology, in a public clinic. His parents narrate how was the psychomotor development of his son from its earliest stages and his abilities were very remarkable because they far outweighed the normal in others of his age. After a year and five months, he could read the newspaper headlines, started painting at the age of two and sat in a lotus position to tell stories about his previous life on Mars.

Curious facts and evidence about the case

The most interesting thing is that Boriska thinks that we are in the time when “the specials” will be born on Earth. He argues that the rebirth of the planet is approaching, where knowledge will be valued and there will be a different mentality from terrestrial. It mentions catastrophes and that the poles change. Boriska says that the Earth’s air can cause aging. It alleges that the planet Mars emits special signals that destroy the space stations since they contain harmful radiation; explaining thus the fall of the Soviet stations, “Phoebes1” and “Phoebes 2”.
Inclusive, Boriska presents discomforts before the threshold of serious disasters. This happened when the submarine Kursk sank, began to feel pain everywhere, as well as in the hostage crisis in Beslan, which even decided not to go to school and stay at home.
In the last 20 years, according to Vladislav Lugovenko, scientist and professor, “indigo children” have been born, phenomenal children who possess unique abilities and many of them have amended DNA spirals.


This case has been submitted to a variety of scientists, ovniólogos, astronomers and historians, who conclude that it is impossible for the child to invent all those stories, foreign languages and scientific terms which are used by specialists who study science.
Now, although the doctors of traditional medicine recognize the unusual abilities of the child, they do not mention the one who lived on Mars in his past life.


This has been an inexplicable case and that causes that it continues analyzing. It should be mentioned that there is a correlation between what Boriska mentions about the birth of “the specials” and what was said by the scientist Lugovenko about the birth of “indigo children” in the last twenty years. As happened with the Soviet stations and what Boriska had said about the special signals that the planet Mars emitted. Also, of his discomfort prior to any disaster. At least it remains a mystery to which so far there is no conclusive explanation. Boriska explains it on the basis that he remembers his past life, that is, affirming as true the mystery or paranormal event of reincarnation.
Faced with the facts, analyze and judge yourself.


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