Mistery Paranormal

Portals in the Sky

Brief introduction and description of this paranormal event Within the field of fiction there is much talk about dimensional portals. We are told that we can travel through space, time, alternative dimensions or in all three. However, different sightings of large circular shapes that appear to swallow the clouds are evident. This type of experience […]


Nibiru’s Prophecies

Brief description of what apocalyptic prophecy says This prophecy stems from the apocalyptic hypothesis of Australian David Meade based on his own interpretations of the Bible. This prediction assumes that Earth will collide with an invisible planet called Nibiru. It is important to indicate that this prediction has failed for the years 2003, in 2012 […]

Cryptozoology Legends

The Sirens, myth or reality

Brief description of the sirens They are beings whose upper half of their body is similar to a beautiful woman and from the waist down does not have limbs but a fish tail. It originates with Greek mythology, although they have also been present in the folklore of other civilizations. They have gone from mythological […]


Black Demon

Description of the aquatic cryptid It is an aquatic cryptid that supposedly inhabits Baja California. They say it resembles a megalodon, but more sinister and demonic. According to stories, it appears as a black shadow and then shows its giant head and when it open its jaw you can see more sharp teeth than a […]