The Bermuda Triangle

Brief description and explanation about the mysterious area The Bermuda Triangle is a geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean and whose vortices are made up of the Bermuda islands, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale (Florida). During the twentieth century acquired fame for the alleged danger of that area. There were a diversity of missing ships […]

Legends Mistery

Pachacutec, Andean Prophecies

Brief Explanation of the Prophecy Within the Andean prophecies, especially the Incas, they are based on the concept of transformation. It is known as Pachacutec or Pachacuti whose meaning is Pacha (refers to cosmos or Earth) on the other hand Cuti means turning or correcting. The ninth Inca sovereign was named Pachacuti (or Pachacutec), who […]


The Seven Hermetic Laws or Principles

Brief introduction and explanation of the topic Since ancient times it has been studied as the universe, life, nature and everything that exists is influenced by laws, principles or order. Whether we know them or not they will always be present, functioning and influencing our daily lives. These laws will influence our social position, where […]