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Bilocation, to be present in two places simultaneously

Description of the paranormal phenomenon known as bilocation

Throughout history have been cases of people who have been in two different places at the same time. In these cases, people can interact with their environment, such as taking objects, experiencing sensations, etc. The mystics understand that this happens through the intervention of God; and it can be in two ways, either only the spirit or body and soul (complete person). The real physical body would be as dead and the soul, with its body as visible, active elsewhere.

A diversity of cases and aspects related to the phenomenon of bilocation

The Catholic church, in spite of its caution, has recognized some cases as Pope San Clemente, San Francisco de Asis, San Antonio de Padua, San Martin de Porres, San Jose de Cupertino, San Alfonso de Ligorio, San Juan Bosco and San Pio de Pietrelcina.

The case of San José de Cupertino clearly presents the bilocation. Cupertino was in the convent of Assisi while his mother, about to expire, complained that she could not see it anymore and a bright light appears and she manages to see and speak to him. Suddenly Cupertino, who was in his convent cell, came out crying and went to the church to pray. When asked what happened to him, he replied that his mother had just died. He was hundreds of miles away from his mother. A few days later the news was confirmed and the religious were surprised by what happened.

Outside the scope of the Catholic Church, bilocation events have also occurred. This is the case of the English Admiral George Tryon.

He captained the ship “Victoria” on June 22, 1893, when the same shipwreck near the port of Tripoli, after colliding with another ship. He begins to sink with the ship heroically and screaming that everything was his fault, as related by the survivors of the accident. This because he had ordered the maneuver that caused it.

The strange and inexplicable thing is that at the same time in London, the wife was at a party with hundreds of guests in her mansion and they saw Tryon crossing the room taking big steps. When they went to talk to him, he hid in a corridor and they could never find him. The sailor never appeared again.

In esoteric Buddhism, this paranormal phenomenon is known as Dzogchen.

According to Robert Granes and Idries Shah, there are cases of high Tibetan clerics who appeared in different places at the same time.

The Dzogchen is practiced regularly by the monks of the Tibetan Buddhist school called Vajrayana, or “Diamond Vehicle”. According to the Vajrayana tradition, it is the transference of the consciousness of the mundane to a post-existence world in a lucid manner. That meditation is in order to reach a higher state of consciousness and break the cycle of transmigrations.

From the skeptical point of view, the experience itself is not denied, but it gives a different explanation to the cause. They explain that these experiences outside the body are hypnagogic hallucinations (fleeting visions in the wake-sleep transition) or hypnopompic hallucination (sleep-wake transition) that occurs in individuals with narcolepsy.

Also, these experiences have been produced in a laboratory, but for skeptics, it only shows that it is exclusively cerebral and non-skeptics as an alternative to provoke experience through external devices that have been used correctly.


There are innumerable cases of this paranormal phenomenon still unexplainable in our days. Here only some of them are mentioned and different opinions on the matter. Given the surprising findings and explanations of the skeptics, it is up to the reader to analyze them, judge the data and make their own judgment about them.


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