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Baby-Pig Hybrid generates commotion on the web

One of the issues of concern to viewers is the possibility of the existence of hybrids. While in nature it is very strange to find hybrids of different species, there are more scientific reasons that distance them from the possibility. On the other hand, we are always amazed by the news like that of the supposed baby-pig that has created commotion in the networks.

The case of the baby-pig

During the past month, certain images of an incredible baby-pig spread on the networks. His features perfectly detail human and pig features. Some claim that it is the product of a cross and other think is genetic engineering. The origin of the case is uncertain, as some say it happened in China, others in Germany and so the allegations continue. The lack of information, as has been seen in other cases, may well be managed by someone who wants to make a historical amnesia or the story itself is not real.

There has been much discussion about the validity of this case because the creature looks very real and we can even see that they opened its mouth to see its fangs. However, there are some facts that we can not ignore. There are different versions of the apparent event and none seems to be the one that gave rise to the story. Investigating further we find a possible answer to this mystery.

Possible Solution

According to an article published by Hablillas.org (in a source code that linked to these images) for some strange reason, the code did not load and you could see the URL address of its apparent origin. This address belonged to the facebook of Laira Maganuco. When investigating this profile they realized that she was a plastic artist who specialized in silicone sculptures. The author of the article alleges that he contacted the artist and she confirmed that the creature was one of his works. Apparently, a user was impressed by his work and decided to publish a fiction that was responsible for so much commotion.


The case of this baby pig is very likely to be false. I do not completely assure its falsehood because there are some unknowns that deserve to be investigated. When visiting the page of Laira Maganuco no photograph of this creature appears. While there are several works that resemble the one we investigate, why does not the image of this creature appear among his works? A public explanation about the truth could be made in all this, however, it was decided to leave us in the mystery as a disinformant would like. However, there are many cases that have been shown of pigs with deformities, so there may be a remote possibility that baby-pig hybrids may become a reality. For now, it is in the discretion of each reader to determine this possibility.


Do you think that baby human-pigs may exist? Share your opinions below.

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