The coincidences are the muse of theories. When we see something without explanation, having or not a scientific validity, we try to give it a meaning. It is there when what was apparently invisible becomes a mystery and if we add the manipulation of some men, the theory becomes a conspiration.

The weather around the world has changed radically. Some blame global warming caused the pollution that in turn is caused by humans. In that order, we can say that we control our weather and the current crisis. However, the actual behavior of this phenomena shows a certain intelligence not characteristic of something “not-alive”. In 2017, Hurricane Irma and Maria were the most intense. In addition, we must remember that hurricane Maria went from category 1 to 5 in just 15 hours, just before passing through Puerto Rico. Is it possible that there is geoclimatic engineering involved? Some believe that yes.

Chemicals sprayed in the sky or Chemtrails

We have all seen the plane that leaves a trail of clouds in its way. This trail, or as they say, “Chemtrail” has been a controversy because such clouds are believed to be chemicals sprayed on the sky. Some hypotheses have been made that among the objectives of these acts are:  that is used to create droughts, cause rains and even spread diseases among the population. We must not forget that the planting of clouds is done under these methods and curiously these chemicals were used during the drought of 2015 in Puerto Rico.

Due to the strangeness about the current climate reality, the environmentalist Patrick Roddie and spokesman of the group “Stop Spraying Us” studied the behavior of atmospheric phenomena through the view of the planet Earth transmitted by NASA satellites by its tool Worldview and found unusual irregularities in the trajectory of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. He observed patterns of clouds that are usually seen when chemtrails are sprayed. This theory was presented in an interview on the channel “Era of Wisdom” and makes us wonder if these chemicals really are the geoclimatic manipulation tools that were told.

I must add that climate manipulation is not something that is unknown to history. During the Vietnam War, Operation Popeye consisted of using chemical agents to extend the Asian rainy season. Its objectives were to soften road surfaces, cause landslides, oversaturate soils and washing out rivers. It is curious that the squadron in charge of carrying out this mission used as a slogan “make mud, not war”.

Is there a relationship?

The irregularities of these two phenomena are much. They marked a new stage in the lives of those affected. In this way, if we think that in effect these phenomena were manipulated by geoclimatic technology, what purpose can they have when doing it? After Hurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico, a reconstruction phase began. All the trees that remained standing lost his leaves. The animals had to look for new places and many people saw species that had not been seen very frequently. The rivers were out of their river beds and the landslides were numerous. Many people lost their homes, others even their own lives because of the situation. The electrical system was greatly affected. Food, clean water, and fuel seemed to be scarce. Everything was headed for a social crisis and a large part of the population abandoned their homes and possessions. Properties could be acquired for almost nothing.

In addition, hurricane Maria gave rise to expose many irregularities, such as suspicious contracts of companies for electric services, slow help to residents of the center of the island and, something that could not be achieved without promoting the doctrine of shock: the road to the privatization of the electric service in Puerto Rico. What is known as the doctrine of shock is a theory about how, through social crises, politics and economic power figures can promote agendas that are not widely accepted by the population.


If there is a conspiratorial hand behind these atmospheric phenomena, we can know their goals through the events that already takes place. These climatic phenomena, as in wars, produce benefits for a few and, unlike a war, a weather phenomenon does not have a malicious figure to blame. Whether or not this conspiracy theory is true we must analyze the products of these events and, if we see coincidences, we most likely have a conspiracy before us.

Do you think that geoclimatic engineering is involved in our recent weather? Share your opinions below.

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