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Anabelle- the Real Story of the Haunted Doll

There are numerous cases of enchanted dolls. As is the case with Robert the doll, there is another case that managed to become a cinematic success. This is because his story is truly chilling. We refer to the case of the Anabelle doll.

The Doll Origin

The doll seems to have its origin after 1915 after being produced under the brand name Raggedy Ann. This product was widely accepted and had good sales until 1970. During those same dates, the mother of a nursing student named Donna gives her daughter one of these dolls. Donna accepts it with great joy and had it adornment in her room, which she also shared with her partner Angie.

Soon, the girls were noticing certain irregularities in their room. The doll appeared in places where she had not been left and various messages appeared without explanation. Some messages said Help us, others Save Lou (That’s the name of Donna’s boyfriend) and also did you miss me?. Incredulous, the girls thought at first that it was a joke from a partner and decided to ignore it. However, the incidences as the days went by were increasing so they called a medium to know what was happening. This person assures them that inside the doll was the spirit of a girl named Anabelle Higgins and she wanted to be treated as a person.

The Terrifying Incidents

When Donna and Angie learned about this, they began treating the doll as a human. This attitude disturbed Lou considering such acts unreasonable. Soon after, Lou had a dream in which he was being hanged and when he wakes up he discovers the doll right in front of the bed. In addition, Lou found had strange wounds on his body.

The events were beginning to worry about those involved. The comrades claimed to hear voices and not find anyone once they investigated. For this reason, they decided to contact a priest so that he could take care of the situation. He decided, in turn, to refer the situation to Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warren, for their part, argued that it was not the spirit of Annabelle that housed the doll but that it was an evil being posing as the girl. Donna had allowed that being to enter her life by treating her as they did. Upon knowing all this, the girls decided to get rid of the doll.

The Warren’s Family Museum

The doll was given to the Warren, who took many preventive measures to avoid accidents when moving it. According to Ed’s fear, the doll could cause accidents and if they traveled on the main roads it was much more prone to have an accident. Because of this, they traveled alternate roads for less risk. It is also said that they sprinkled the doll with holy water to calm possible paranormal events.

With these precautions, they took the Annabelle doll to a Family Museum they had in Connecticut. There they placed her in an urn with the glass door and exhibited along with other objects of supposed paranormal properties. It is currently closed because the residents of the area complained about the place.


Much has been said about this case. Many people know about it because of the horror movies that were very popular. However, we must know that not everyone validates these facts as real. The first reason for this is because the story is told by the Warren themselves and some doubt their credibility. Enchanted dolls are a phenomenon that has been reported in many well-known cases. While this mystery is discovered, it is the criterion of each reader to make their own conclusions.


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