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Alien presence in order to preserve the planet Earth

Vision of the UFO phenomenon from the point of view of Antonio Pastor

Antonio Pastor had his first experience with a UFO sighting at age 16 in Vellisca, municipality of Spain. As time went by he became fond of ufology and has a blog known as: “Today Cuenca”, where he shared his first experience with a UFO. He describes it as a large luminous ball that was floating in the sky.

Alleges he has UFO photos taken in his different ufological experiences. In addition, he has stories of other people who have had similar experiences with the UFO phenomenon.

Antonio Pastor says that the alien presence is due to their concern with the human being since instead of conserving nature, sanity and coherence, the humans have become a virus for the Earth. So the inhabitants must be aware that the planet has its means of self defense.

He understands that their presence is due to their concern for certain quality of people, understanding quality not in physical terms but spiritual, emotional and astral. Their visit is to avoid a total collapse of the Earth that would affect the entire solar system.

Expresses that aliens are angels from the past days of all religions. There are others who think the same and prove this through artistic works which are mainly present in ancient cathedrals of the Catholic Church. For example, Jesús Callejo has shared a video on youtube that shows the image of what is known as the UFO in the cathedral of Cuenca.

Variety of paintings or tapestry where UFO images appear in Catholic cathedrals

There are a variety of works of art in Catholic cathedrals where images of UFO and UFO topics are shown. Some say they are misunderstood symbolisms, but others agree that they are clear evidence that aliens have visited us for thousands of years.

One of these works is The Baptism of Christ, done in 1710, where cosmic rays are seen. In the 17th century, from a Dutch painter (1710) a disc with rays is observed in this work of The Baptism of Christ. It is observed that it is a ship similar to a flying saucer that emits some rays. According to the custom of this era, the image represented the holy spirit. You can clearly see that there are 4 rays on John the Baptist and Christ, which does not have an easy explanation to define.

Another work is a tapestry, Summer Triumph, made in 1538, exhibited in the Bavarian National Museum of Germany, where you can see several disk-shaped objects on the top of the tapestry. There are four objects floating in the air, in a discoidal way and with an elevated part in the center.

A third work is The Annunciation painted in 1486, shows the virgin Mary and a wave of light is observed on her head, but in turn a discoidal shape is observed floating in the air from where that light comes.

Another work is the Crucifixion of Christ, 1350, where flying artifacts are seen on the sides and within them pilots with apparent space suits.


The exposition by Antonio Pastor is considerably impressive, as is the exposition in a variety of videos related to ufological presence in paintings of ancient Catholic cathedrals. It should be noted that different painters have worked the domes of the different cathedrals and other frescoes and tapestries, but all agree to present UFO evidence. In addition these works date from different eras and the ufological theme is present with marked similarity. So it leads us to think if they are really here for several centuries in order to guide us and preserve our planet Earth, as Antonio Pastor puts it.

Only the data is exposed here and the reader reaches his own conclusions.



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