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Ahuitzotl, mexican cryptid

Description of the Ahuizotl

This cryptid comes from the Anahuac culture, specifically from Mexican mythology. It is described as a creature that lived in Lake Texcoco. It was described by Fray Bernardino de Sahagún.

It is the size of a dog, small and pointed ears, long tail and at the end of it has like a hand of a person. Both feet and hands are like those of monkeys. Its habitat is in the deep springs.

Legend associated with Ahuizotl

It is alleged that he catches, those who approach the ponds, with his hand in his tail. Then he drowned them in the depths of the ponds. It is said that he has sharp spines all over its body.

According to legend, the attack of the Ahuizotl, who serves the deities of the rain, assumed that the gods had chosen the victim and their souls were taken to paradise.

Legend tells that the bodies of the unfortunate could only be touched by priests and their bodies appeared without nails, teeth or eyes.

According to legend, he attracted its victims especially with its cries like that of a baby. Also, sometimes they expelled fish and frogs through whirlpools that they caused.

The historian Enrique Vela, according to his etymological analysis, decides to name it as “water spiny”.

Some people say that it must be an animal related to the otters, which already extinct, so it have been mitigated both by their appearance and by their habits.


It is surprising how both history and legends intermingle and create these tales of this Mexican culture. There are a variety of anecdotes related to this cryptid. Here we expose the data so that the reader can issue his own conclusion about it.



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